User: A person who creates an account at www.whatsdetective.com, by entering a secret username and password.

Party of interest: a person who owns or whom is identified by a WhatsApp account linked to the phone numbers introduced by the user in the whatsdetective service.

The owner company: The company TOLIA INDUSTRIES SRL and all of its suppliers and contractors, may they be other companies or persons who supply services to TOLIA INDUSTRIES. The owner company is referred to in this document by the terms: the owner company, us, we, the website, the site, the service(s), whatsdetective or whatsdetective.com.

Email: support@whatsdetective.com


Whatsdetective.com provides an entertainment service based on information that is made public by the WhatsApp application. Whatsdetective will display some approximate timestamps related to parties of interest being online/offline while they are using WhatsApp.


Prior to using the whatsdetective service, all users must accept the current terms and conditions document. The user acknowledges he or she understands the language and all the terms and conditions described in the current document. The terms and conditions, legal aspects and statements described in this document are accepted in full and with no exceptions by the user. All the statements in this document and the acceptance of the document by the user have the value of a legally binding agreement between the user and the owner company. The content of this document may be modified periodically by the owner company and it's the user's full responsibility to check for such updates. If such modifications are done, they will have full effect from the moment they are published on the website. If the user discovers any terms and conditions he or she does not fully agree to, the user should no longer use the service provided by whatsdetective. The user acknowledges that the email address he or she uses to register on whatsdetective is his or her own and can be identified by this email in the case of any legal issue may arise. The user acknowledges and accepts the fact that the owner company will have records of the IP addresses the user is using to access whatsdetective.com and gives the owner company the right to identify the user by those IP address if needed. The user acknowledges that access to the whatsdetective website and/or application, all information derived from this access and all content generated by this access is the user's full and sole responsibility and the user will not take the owner company responsible for any of the results or uses of the whatsdetective service.


By accepting this document and the terms and conditions described in it, the user acknowledges he or she will obey the applicable law in the jurisdiction of the user and in the jurisdiction of the owner company. The user is fully responsible for any damage caused by the use of the whatsdetective service, may it be damage done the parties of interest or infringements of the law governing the user's jurisdiction or the jurisdiction applicable to the owner company. The user is responsible to immediately notify the owner company for any direct or indirect use of the service that may break any law or produce damage to any party of interest, user or the owner company. The user is not allowed to make an unauthorized or fraudulent use of the whatsdetective service and / or the information, content or services published on the whatsdetective website. The user is forbidden to access or attempt to access restricted resources of the whatsdetective website or application. The user will be held responsible if it's proven that he or she may have tried to access parts of the whatsdetective service that are not public, through any kind of technical procedure, may it be computer viruses, SQL injection, brute force attacks and so on.


The user agrees to create and keep a secret password and user name in order to access the whatsdetective services. Users are liable for costs and damages caused by the use of the service by any third party using their password and user name, may this use be a result of inappropriate/non-diligent use or loss of the username and/or password by the user. The user agrees to use the whatsdetective service in a manner consistent with this document, the applicable law, public order and undertakes to refrain from using the whatsdetective service for illicit purposes or effects, contrary to the provisions described in this document and/or in the applicable law. Users are fully responsible for damages of any kind that the owner company may suffer as a result of any breach of the obligations to which they are bound by accepting the current document and the terms and conditions described and derived from it.


The service provided by whatsdetective is non intrusive. The service is anonymous as long as the party of interest does not use special software systems (such as WhatsApp Plus) that can breach anonymity for Whatsapp users. Before entering the number of a certain party of interest, the user must make sure the party of interest is not using or planning to use such a software system. If the owner company has reason to believe the party of interest is using any kind of software system that may damage the anonymity of the whatsdetective service, the owner company reserves the right to terminate the use of service for all users who entered the phone number of said party of interest. No prior notice will be issued and no refunds will be provided if this is the case.

If the owner company has reason to believe the user has been announcing the use of whatsdetective to any party that regards this use as being intrusive, illegal or a form of privacy invasion, the owner company reserves the right to terminate the service immediately for said user, without prior notice of any kind. No refunds of any kind will be provided and the owner company has the right to deny the future use of the service by said user.


The owner company cannot guarantee the availability of the service. The service can be discontinued at any time, without prior notice, for any of the users. The user may evaluate the availability of the service for the trial period of 2 days and decide whether to pay for it or not. The owner company cannot be held responsible in any way for the discontinuation of the service, may it be temporary or permanent. The user can address any complaints to the email address support@whatsdetective.com, but the owner company cannot guarantee those complaints will be acknowledged or resolved during a specific time frame. The owner company will do it's best to fulfill such requests and complaints, but with no guarantees whatsoever.

The owner company does also not guarantee any of the services described on the whatsdetective website are fully functional. The user should evaluate those services and his or her decision to pay for the services is fully based on the evaluation and complete understanding of the services evaluated during the trial period. The owner company may advertise some services (such as graphs, notifications etc) that are forecast or under development and the user cannot hold the owner company responsible for the unavailability of such services.


The user will make the decision of paying for the service provided by the owner company through whatsdetective.com after a trial period of 2 days. The user acknowledges that this period of time is fully sufficient to evaluate the performance and amount of services and features provided of whatsdetective.com. The decision to pay for the service is the user's decision only. The user cannot request any kind of refund after a payment is done on grounds of insatisfaction or missing features of the service, even if said features were available during the trial period.

Once the payment is completed for a certain period of time, The owner company will not ask any additional amounts from said user for this period of time. The user acknowledges that the owner company may change the prices and the payment plans at any time. Users having already paid for the service by choosing a certain payment plan will not have the option to change the current chosen plan to the benefit of a lower priced plan until the current plan's completion. No refunds can be requested by the user on the grounds that lower priced payment plans are available.


The service developed by the owner company makes use of data published by Whatsapp to all its users. The owner company cannot be held responsible by the user of the whatsdetective service for any type of use of this data or information derived from it. If any party of interest may decide to initiate legal action against the owner company because of the use of whatsdetective by a certain user, the owner company will act according to the applicable law and will redirect all charges and complaints to the user who has entered the telephone number of said party of interest in the whatsdetective system. The owner company will also fully use the terms and conditions described in this document.

The owner company will publish links to third party marketing and publicity partners on the whatsdetective site. The user acknowledges that by using the whatsdetective service he or she may voluntarily or involuntarily access the websites or services of said marketing and publicity partners of whatsdetective.com. The owner company is not responsible for any action taken by said partners, nor for any information displayed by those partners. Once the user has accessed the marketing and/or publicity services redirected from whatsdetective.com, it's the user's full responsibility for any damage those services or websites may do to the user's data, device or privacy. Once the user enters a certain telephone number in the whatsdetective service, the user takes full responsibility for said action and acknowledges he or she may be held responsible for this action if any party of interest identified by said telephone number may consider itself damaged by the fact that the user is communicating said telephone number to a third party.


The information displayed by whatsdetective.com is to be used for entertainment purposes only. Any kind of other use is pure speculation and the owner company denies any legal responsibility. If a user decides to use this data for any kind of legal action (may it be divorce, legal separation, child custody, commercial settlements and so forth), the owner company has the right to terminate the service for said user. The owner company will not participate in any kind of legal action initiated by the user and will not provide any support or information to such use. The whatsdetective.com user takes full responsibility for his/her actions involving the information derived from the data displayed by whatsdetective.com. If the legal system of the country, state or region where the user is residing requests special rights and/or authorizations in order to access such data, the user is fully responsible for obtaining the needed rights and/or authorizations. The owner company denies any responsibility for any kind of actions the user may take using data displayed by whatsdetective.com. If the owner company has reason to believe the user is undertaking any kind of act that may produce direct or indirect damage to the owner company, the owner company can immediately terminate the service for said user without any notice and refuse any kind of communication or assistance in this case. Minors are not eligible to use this site and we ask them not to submit any kind of information to us. Parents and/or legal guardians of those minors are going to be held responsible for any damages those minors may cause the the owner company or any other third-party by using the whatsdetective service.


The domain whatsdetective.com and all the software used on this website are the property of TOLIA INDUSTRIES. The method, structures, implementation are the subject of private contracts and property. If any user will try to copy, re-use, modify or re-engineer any of those methods, structures, documents and so on, the owner company will have the right to request damages from said user.


At whatsdetective.com we consider the privacy of our visitors to be important. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information is collected and recorded by whatsdetective.com and how we use it.

Whatsdetective.com uses cookies to store information about visitors' preferences inclusive to skip the login page, to record user-specific information on which pages the site visitor accesses or visits, to show advertising in third-party websites and to personalize or customize our web page content based upon visitors' browser type or other information that the visitor sends via their browser. Cookies merely logs visitors to the site - usually a standard procedure for hosting companies and a part of hosting services's analytics. The information stored includes: IP addresses, type of browser, date/time stamp, referring/exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks. This information is used to analyze trends, administer the site, track user's movement around the site, and gather demographic information. By deciding to continue using the whatsdetective service, the user agrees to the use of cookies by the owner company. If the user does not agree to the use of cookies, he or she must stop using the service immediately.


The applicable law is the Romanian law. The users acknowledge that any legal action against the owner company must be initiated in the legal jurisdiction of TOLIA INDUSTRIES.

By using our website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to the current terms and conditions document.

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