The only app that shows you who is talking to whom on WhatsApp. Just add the numbers you want to track, then watch their WhatsApp activity!

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Better again, you can track several numbers simultaneously, so if they are online at the same time for several occurrences... Well you guessed right! It's highly likely that they are talking to one another. We'll give you all this data and help you draw the conclusions with relevant graphs. It's then up to you if you want to believe in coincidences or not...

Detailed View

John and Mary are most positively talking. Mary was active before John, so before 19:00 she was talking to somebody else. Then John came online at 19:35 and engaged Mary into a conversation. They had a long exchange of messages from 20:06 to 20:15. The person who engages the other party into a conversation, usually comes online first. At 20:18 they probably exchanged only one message, something like: "Have a nice evening! - Thank you" or "I'm parked downstairs - I'll be down in 2 minutes".

John and Mary are most positively talking. Mary was active before John, so before 20:00 she was talking to somebody else. Then John came online at 20:01 and engaged Mary into a conversation. They are exchanging short messages, one at a time. They are probably busy with something else during their conversation, as they write something, then go offline and come back.

It's higly unlikely that John and Mary are talking. They are clearly engaged in conversations, but not with eachother. Even if there are some overlapping slots, we can't assume they are exchanging messages, especially if the online slot for one user goes on for minutes after the other one goes offline.

And even better, they will never know you are tracking them! You don't even need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone. You just have to know the numbers you want to track. We will make sure you remain anonymous.

What do you have to do? Register with Whatsdetective and enter the numbers you want to track. That's it!  
You can see all the data in your "results" page after just a few minutes (every time you enter a new number into our system, you have to wait 5-10 minutes until the tracking starts). Once the numbers you want to follow are registered into the system, all your results are going to be in real time. Enjoy!

Is this legal?

Of course it is, we are only gathering data that WhatsApp makes public to everyone.
You could do this with your phone by looking at the two contacts 24/7, but do you really have that much time?
Can you do it at night while you are sleeping and others are talking behind your back? Can you write all the data down and confront people with exact time and dates?
No. That's where WhatsDetective comes into play and makes your life easier.
You can try our service for free by registering!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you going to release an app?

Yes, we are working on both IOS and Android apps. There will be a message on our website when those apps are ready and can be downloaded.

2. I need notifications when my contacts are online

Notifications will be available when the IOS and Android apps are ready.

3. Can the person know I am tracking their number?

No, if they use the official version of WhatsApp (95% of people use this version). Even if they use an unauthorized version, there is no way for them to identify you, unless you tell them you are tracking them. However, if they use such an unauthorized app, we suggest you don't use our service, because they can block it or they can just hide their online status.

4. I don't have a PayPal account. How can I pay?

You just need a credit card that is accepted by PayPal. Just click on “Tracking” in my account, chose the numbers you want to pay for and you will be redirected to our PayPal page. There you just have to enter your Credit Card data and that should be it.

5. My credit card doesn't work. How can I pay?

You need to find a way to deposit money into your PayPal account and pay from there. PayPal accepts many types of deposits, you just need to find one that suits you.

6. I have entered a number in My Account, but I cannot see anything.

When you enter a new number, it takes from 3 to 10 minutes until that number is propagated through the WhatsDetective system. Then you have to wait until that contact goes online, otherwise there is nothing to see there. After the first 10 minutes, results are shown in real time. We will also implement notifications in the near future.

7. There is a graph on your website, where do I find it?

You can't just yet. Graphs are currently under development. That feature is being displayed as an example of what kind of information you can get by using our service. We will post a message when there are updates regarding this.

8. Some results for today are missing. Why?

Our service relies on WhatsApp functioning properly. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Please contact support@whatsdetective.com and we will investigate each complaint.

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